Simple Pricing

Rowy is open source with options to use this free hosted cloud version or self host and we will always continue to have a free version.
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  • One Firebase project - data and code on your own GCP
  • CMS for Firestore
  • Cloud functions
  • Derivatives and extensions
  • Import and export data
Beta Access
Paid PRO features that will augment your development process. Contact us for getting early preview and shaping our product features.
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  • Multiple Firebase projects
  • CMS with Advanced filtering, sorting
  • Fulltext search
  • Code sandbox and testing environment for cloud functions, derivatives and extensions
  • Custom support


Where is my data stored?
The data created and managed on Rowy is stored on your own Firebase/Firestore database on Google Cloud Platform. Your data and code stay on your own Firebase project. You can read more in our docs.
What would be the cloud cost of using Rowy?
Rowy is 100% serverless, which means theres no ongoing server cost. You only pay for what you use on your Google Cloud Platform. With Rowy, you are mainly using Firestore, cloud functions and cloud run and GCP’s free tier is quite generous. Detailed analysis and cloud cost breakdown is available here.