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Connect to your database and build cloud functions. All in your browser. Forget CLIs, configs, and DevOps. Focus on building your apps.
Instant Airtable-like UI for managing your database on your own cloud

Powerful and familiar spreadsheet-like UI

Rowy CMS for Firestore with spreadsheet-UI
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Your data stays on your own Firebase Project
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Realtime collaboration with your team
access control
Granular role based access control with audit history
30+ field types
30+ supported field types, create your own
Firebase cloud functions
Fastest way to build cloud-functions. Code in JS, any npm package or API

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Code in JS

Fully extensible with code, comes with a built-in VS code editor.

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Build workflows on database CRUD tasks, external events or scheduled tasks.


Boring work automated. No CLIs, boiler plate code or DevOps. Focus on just your business logic.

Cloud function

One click deploy to your own Google Cloud project

Works with all your favourite frameworks
Build quickly like low-code, but extend without limits through code.

What our users say

Hari Dulipudi
Senior PM, Finder
It always takes time to get your database ready, populate rich data like adding images, adding multiple tables. It’s never intuitive. I tried Rowy, it’s so damn good and easy.
Guillaume Bernos
It’s been a long time since I’ve been impressed by a project and Rowy just did that.
Joe Muller
Founder, ParaSightApp
I highly recommend Rowy. With Algolia and Rowy you can spin up apps with full text search in an hour or two.
G Miller
Really, really impressed with what is doing for the Firebase SaaS crowdSo far, I'm delegating the entire user management operation. Unlocking features, subscriptions... Very, very cool
Jess Telford
Frontend Architecht, Thinkmill
Whoa, Rowy looks fantastic! It’s like an open source Airtable, but with a built-in editor for lambda functions that can be run during CRUD operations!
Jos Henson Grič
Founder, flexmoneylife
Rowy is how we built a no code fintech banking app in 18 months that actually scales. Super excited about all the cool stuff we are going to do with it next.

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Build data apps and backend workflows

Start with extensible open-source code blocks or create you own. Connect and build for any of your favourite tools.

Low-code backend in the browser.
Experience the modern backend stack.

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