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Firebase CMS with ready to use table UI for Firestore
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Granular role based access control with audit history

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30+ fields supported, create your own type

Let's explore how you can use Rowy for CMS usecase.

Firestore Admin Panel

You can manage all your Firestore collections in a spreadsheet table UI. This can be for any existing Firestore collections or you can even create new table collections from scratch directly from Rowy for your Firebase project. 

Manage Firestore data on Airtable like spreadsheet UI

Firebase Auth User Management

Rowy is specially useful for managing the users of your project if you are using Firebase Auth. Every App builder, needs some type of user management portal managing the users of their app. For things like enabling/disabling/deleting accounts, subscription management, application of coupon or discount codes, managing user specific events etc. Explore the live playground of sample user management panel.

30+ Field Types Supported

Select from over 30 columns types that are mapped to field types supported by Firstore

  • Basic types: Short Text, Long Text, Email, Phone, URL, Geolocation …
  • Custom UI pickers: Date, Rating, Checkbox, Single Select, Multi Select…
  • Uploaders: Image, File
  • Rich Editors: JSON, Code, Rich Text (HTML), Markdown

Bulk Import / Export to Firestore - CSV, TSV, JSON

Get data in and our of Firestore by importing or exporting data in bulk.

Import or Export CSV in bulk from Firestore

Role based access controls for collaboration

Invite your team members to collaborate on the data and give them specific granular CRUD permissions at a table-level and field-level using custom roles.

Manage Firestore data with granular permission control

Connect to Sendgrid, Algolia ... any tool

For any data change, CRUD event, trigger events from Firestore, build cloud functions with flexible ready to use and extensible code blocks, right in your browser in Table UI.

Build cloud functions in low-code

Multiple Table views for a Firestore collection

You can have more than one way to look at the same Firestore collection by using flexible Table views with unique Table IDs. You can build table and column views for your different team members with unique roles.

Default values, data validation, required fields

Allowing non-technical users to make changes to production data is scary. To address this, Rowy not only allows permission and access controls at a table-level and field-level but also the ability to validate any field-level CRUD operations with regex checks to ensure critical data is always accurate before updating your Firestore document. You can also define default values for fields (static, null, custom) and make fields mandatory for row creation.

default values

Connect to existing Cloud Firestore or create new one with Rowy and manage your Firestore data with the most advanced CMS custom made for Firebase development.

Go live in minutes, not months.

What our users say

Rowy gives a great experience to manage your database and build backend functions fast for your apps. Rowy should be the default way for building on Firebase and Google Cloud.
Hari Dulipudi
Senior PM, Finder
It always takes time to get your database ready, populate rich data like adding images, adding multiple tables. It’s never intuitive. I tried Rowy, it’s so damn good and easy.
Joe Muller
Founder, ParaSightApp
I highly recommend Rowy. With Algolia and Rowy you can spin up apps with full text search in an hour or two.
G Miller
Really, really impressed with what is doing for the Firebase SaaS crowdSo far, I'm delegating the entire user management operation. Unlocking features, subscriptions... Very, very cool
Jess Telford
Frontend Architech, Thinkmill
Whoa, Rowy looks fantastic! It’s like an open source Airtable, but with a built-in editor for lambda functions that can be run during CRUD operations!
Jos Henson Grič
Founder, flexmoneylife
Rowy is how we built a no code fintech banking app in 18 months that actually scales. Super excited about all the cool stuff we are going to do with it next.

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