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March 30, 2023

Manage your data better - import, access ++


Airtable attachments to Firebase storage

Airtable sometimes makes it hard to use images and file URLs in your apps. It also lacks a strong content delivery network (CDN) to quickly distribute your files globally. Also, the attachment images/files URL expire. 

One solution is to move your data from Airtable to Rowy. This will automatically import and upload all of your files and images to Firebase's storage. Firebase provides a powerful backend platform to manage your assets and, with Rowy's table UI, you can manage them effortlessly in a no-code environment.



Import data with find and update functionality

New import wizard helps you import data any number of times with insert / search-update. This means you can import and reimport data from CSV, JSON, or Airtable without getting duplicate rows.

To do this, make sure you match by a unique ID field when importing. If you select columns as unique row identifiers during import, then the import ensures that it updates existing rows if it can find one or add new rows only if the existing row is not found. This is useful when you need to make bulk updates or reimport data.

March 23, 2023

New features and enhancements 🎨


Customize single and multi select fields

Give your data life with colors. Pick a color for options in the single-select and multi-select fields. 


Export tables with >10K rows without limits

You can now export large tables to CSV files with ease. The exported file gets stored in your own Firebase Storage and the link to download it from the Rowy UI expires after 1 day. This ensures your data is secure and stays in your own cloud project.

Large export is a Rowy Pro paid feature.


Move data between projects with ease

Copy data from one project to another with ease.

  • Export table settings and create a table with that settings.
  • Export data as CSV and import CSV including fields such as date/datetime, JSON arrays, images, files -> stored to database storage

March 2, 2023

Table improvements


Reorder files and images

You can now change the order in which the images and files are listed on your table by simply dragging and rearranging them.


Sorted table views

Want a table to be always sorted by a specific column? You can now sort tables on a column and save that as the default view for everyone viewing that table. Super useful when you want to ensure sorting by a datetime field or some value for all your users.


Easy access to your existing data

You can now view all your existing collections and set them up with one click, with pre-filled config.

February 23, 2023

New columns ✨ and improved logging


Formula field

Get calculated field values based on other columns. You can code in javascript to calculate anything: eg - add numbers, logic, concat strings etc.

Lightweight UI-only field, not stored in the database (use derivatives if you want data persisted).


Array field

One of the most asked column types. You can now easily create arrays, using Firebase like UI, esp if the JSON field type with array didn't cut it for you.


Editable user columns

Build any workflows and assign row items to users. Useful in a variety of use cases such as operational admin, project management, customer support, and many more.


Improved logging

Debug your cloud functions better - by adding logging statements to your code snippets - on derivatives, action scripts, extensions, and webhooks. All logs are available in the cloud logs tab.

January 30, 2023

Full text search 🔎


Search and manage data across your projects

One of the most asked features is now available to Rowy Pro users. Search across your Rowy Tables and Firestore collections with ease. Don't worrying about the case sensitivity of the search term. No need to know the complete search term. 

Just start typing and get a list of rows that match it across your table.

December 8, 2022

Multiple workspaces, New table UI, Fixes


Brand new table UI

New table interface should give you much smoother experience of scrolling and browsing your data. With seamless infinite scroll, cell navigation and overall accessible experience.


Support for multiple workspaces and projects

You can now have multiple workspaces with your teams and connect with any number of Firebase projects. Create one for development, testing and production to build reliable and tested backend system.


Accessible column reording

You can reorder columns and hide away the ones you do not need using the column menu option at the top of your table.


Bug fixes and improvements

Allow for project deletes and leaving workspaces with ability to transfer ownership of workspaces. Fix issues around user invites, cancelling of team invites. 

Introducing Rowy

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