Rowy raises $3M in seed funding from Worklife VC and more

To empower everyone to execute and bring their ideas to life.

We’re excited to announce that we raised a $3M seed round led by Brianne Kimmel of Worklife Ventures along with the participation of top SV investors with deep expertise in developer ecosystems and builder tools, including Guillermo Raunch (CEO at Vercel), Cassidy Williams (CTO at Contenda), Balaji Srinivasan (formerly CTO of Coinbase & General Partner at a16z), Austen Allred (CEO at BloomTech), Joseph Jacks (Partner at OSS Capital), Stephanie Friedman (angel investor―Xamarin, Zeplin, Front, Netlify, Lexica, Apollo), David Mytton (CEO, Aarthi Ramamurthy (angel investor, ex - Clubhouse, FB, NFLX, MSFT) and Kyle Parish (VP of Sales at Figma).

Rowy also received investment from the AI Grant backed by Nat Friedman, ex-CEO of Github, and Daniel Gross - who have selected <1% of startups globally from a large applicants pool to support companies building the future of AI native products. Rowy was also part of Sequoia’s inaugural Spark program for top female founders.

👉 You can read all about it in the Tech Crunch article.

“We’re on the cusp of a new era, in which AI can take care of the most challenging tasks associated with coding digital products, so that anybody with a vision can become an entrepreneur. Their spreadsheet-based user interface is simple and brilliant. They’re making things like generative AI and Stable Diffusion accessible to all builders, and they’re reducing the capital and technological barriers to entry that prevent millions of people from getting products off the ground. This is world-changing technology and I’m confident Harini is the right person to get this to scale.” - Brianne Kimmel, Worklife Ventures

Our Mission

We will be using this funding to accelerate our mission to empower everyone to innovate without limits by making complex → simple.

Today, building backend development on cloud platforms like Google Cloud or AWS is unnecessarily complex and time-consuming when you have low-code / no-code (LCNC) tools that are great at bringing product ideas to life quickly.

But developers hit technical limitations in terms of supported features or scalability as their LCNC product grows. When companies outgrow these tools, they have to rebuild some product features all over again with code, which is counter-productive.

With Rowy, we make building products as easy as no-code, while providing developers full-blown coding features anytime they need using a scalable cloud platform like Google Cloud.

We strongly believe that in the future, software engineering and product development will no longer be restricted to experienced developers who have knowledge of certain programming languages or frameworks or with the ability to wrangle databases and navigate cloud platforms.

Rowy’s low-code development platform aims to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs by enabling them to get products to market fast that otherwise would have significant technical barriers and resource requirements.

What's next

We are excited to bring the ability to use any AI model or complex backend tech to product builders in a no-code/low-code experience in the coming months. Our recent demo of Stable Diffusion on a spreadsheet UI, brings the power of AI to an interface familiar to millions (1 in 8 people on the planet uses Excel at work). We also have a growing set of backend templates and public demos on our live playground: ranging from OpenAI GPT-3, Google Cloud Vision, Stable Diffusion to Twitter Bot, and many more, that anyone can explore, clone, and get started.

Our long-term vision is to bring pioneering development experiences that will unlock the power of any new or complex tech and make that accessible in a user-friendly way for any aspiring product builder.

Join us

We are building in open-source and have a growing community of developers, makers, and product builders. We are hiring for a couple of roles. If you’d like to join us, even if there isn't a right role currently, do get in touch with us to share what you want to bring.

Hang out with us and a community of builders and makers on Discord. You can follow our journey on Twitter for latest updates, and support us with a star on Github 💜

This is just the beginning. We are super excited about the future of development!

Harini, Shams & the Rowy team 🚣‍♀️

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