Release Notes v2.6

Rowy v2.6 release contains upgrades focused on bringing you the best low-code development experience on Firebase and Firestore.

Fresh new field types 💫


📝 Markdown

⏱ Duration

🆔 Ref field

Also, Firebase storage management made easy

Geolocation field for Firestore

Let's start with one of the most asked field types by our users - Geopoint Location field.

Add latitude/longitude from table UI or derivate them flexibility using cloud functions column to run any script.

Geolocation for Firestore with Rowy

Markdown field for Firestore

Write blogs and manage your content in markdown with full-screen preview and edit powers.

Data is stored directly on your Firestore and ready for use in any of your apps - built on any framework, cms on @webflow, flutter, or mobile app.

Learn more here.

⏱ Duration field

A column that calculates the duration between start and end date/datetime and stores the duration between them.

Create interesting time-based event triggers and develop for date and time in your apps.

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