Parallel GPT: Boost Your AI workflow with Bulk processing of ChatGPT tasks

If you're tired of handling Chat GPT tasks one by one, we have good news for you! Rowy, an open-source low-code product, can make bulk processing  of ChatGPT tasks a breeze. With Rowy, you can import and export data in bulk, and customize OpenAI prompts logic to answer questions for your use case. The generated output is securely stored on a database in your Google Cloud project.

1. Getting Started with Rowy

Setting up Rowy is easy! Here's what you need to do:

Visit and sign in. Create a table from the Parallel GPT template. Supply your OpenAI API key securely in your Google Cloud project. Deploy prebuilt cloud functions for using the Chat GPT API.

If you need more detailed instructions on setting up your Rowy project, don't worry! We've got you covered. Check out the following video for step-by-step guidance.

Creating a Table from the Parallel GPT Template

The Parallel GPT template will guide you through setting up your table and the required cloud functions. Once you create your table, you'll see three pre-added columns: Text, Derivative, and Created At. The Text column is where you'll add your prompt, while the Derivative column displays the Chat GPT response. The Created At column shows the timestamp of each row's creation.

Customizing Column Configuration

You can modify the JavaScript or TypeScript code according to your specific use case by diving into the configuration of the Derivative column.

2. Securely Storing Your OpenAI API Key

When you supply your OpenAI API key, it is securely stored in your Google Cloud project using the Secret Manager.

3. Cloud Logs and Database Storage

Rowy allows you to access cloud logs for your processes, including build logs for your cloud functions and database logs for your derivative columns. This helps you track and troubleshoot any issues that may arise during bulk processing.

Moreover, all your data is stored in Firebase, under your own database project. This guarantees the security and privacy of your prompts, generated data, and API keys.

4. Bulk Processing with Rowy

With Rowy, you can easily perform bulk processing using Chat GPT. Simply import a CSV file with your prompts and map it to the existing Text column. Once the data is imported, you'll see Chat GPT responses generated in parallel for each row without any capacity issues. Unlike Zimmwriter vs Jarvis etc, which only does one task at a time, here you can be done 1000s of tasks at the same time.

5. Building Complete Workflows

Rowy allows you to build comprehensive process workflows and collaborate with people in your team. To do this you can customize access controls for your team members by giving them specific access like read, write, create, etc.

Wrapping Up

Rowy is a powerful tool for bulk processing Chat GPT tasks. Its open-source nature, seamless integration with Google Cloud, and customization options make it an ideal choice for a variety of use cases. So, why not give it a try and supercharge your Chat GPT experience with Rowy today?

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