Autogenerate certificates in your app

To auto generate certificates in your app  and issue certificates to users is super useful in many scenarios, say for example if you are building an education app, or a product that unlocks various certificates based on certain data. Building one with no-code tools like first setup typeform  or google forms, use Airtable or google sheets to gather the data and then perhaps use google slides to create certificates manually is simply tedious, and not scalable.


In this tutorial you will learn how to build a certificate generate in 5 mins based on a flexible Figma design with either data from your database either from Firestore or static data from CSV / Airtable.

Step 1: Design your certificate in Figma

First use Figma to design your PDF file or use this free and ready-to-use certificate template we created. You can clone this template and tweak it to your usecase easily. 

Step 2: Clone Certificate generator template

Setup Rowy, if you haven't already and simply create a table from template and select the "Certificate Generator" option. This is a fully guided process to get you setup with Table and cloud function code in just a few clicks 

Step 3: Connect to your data source 

You can either use your app data from a database like Firestore by connecting your Rowy project to Firebase. Alternatively, if you have static file in CSV or Airtable, you can upload them easily using import data option from Rowy table.

Step 4: That's it. Certificate generated for every row

New certificate is generated every time a row of data is added either manually or directly from your app. Using the data in the row and your Figma design, a new certificate is generated. The generated certificate is stored in the file column that you can use directly in your app or download to share.

The best part is all of this is fully flexible and extensible at code level. So you can start from this template and expand it any way you like for your use-case in your applications from iOS, android to any front end app from Next.js, React, Remix to even no-code builders like Bubble, FlutterFlow etc.

You can read the in depth documentation for this on Rowy docs.

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