Firestore Admin Panel

Rowy gives you an open-source Firebase admin panel that is specifically made and optimized for Firebase and is fully free! Learn how you can gain access to a Firestore admin portal in just a few steps.

Step 1: Setup Rowy for your Firebase project

Get started with Rowy with a straightforward step-by-step guided setup process to connect to your Firebase project. Rowy deploys a Cloud Run build instance that operates exclusively on your own GCP/Firebase project, that way your data stays highly secure and stays in your Firebase project. 

Once setup, you can connect to an existing Firebase Firestore project and view Firestore collections in a spreadsheet UI. You can create a brand new Firebase project and Firestore collection right from Rowy without having to go to Firebase console. You can also leverage a list of cloneable admin panel templates from our gallery.

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Rowy provides a variety of powerful features that brings a low-code experience to building on Firebase in addition to the admin panel for Firestore.

  • Instant spreadsheet-like UI for Firestore collections
  • Fully flexible, extensible and collaborative UI, perform CRUD operations
  • Sharing access to data and inviting team members with granular permission control at table and field level.
  • Build your data model visually by adding collections as easy as adding tables and columns
  • Bulk Import and export data from Firebase Firestore, supports CSV, TSV, JSON files
  • Build and deploy cloud functions from your browser
  • Validation of data, setting of default values, and required fields
  • Creating table filters, Multiple column sorting
  • Lock, Freeze, Resize, Hide and Rename columns
  • Multiple views for the same collection using table IDs
  • Explore a gallery of needed templates that are cloneable to solve various use cases 

Step 2: Manage Firestore data and collaborate with your team

With this admin panel for Firestore, you can immediately manage the data in your Firestore collection with a spreadsheet-like CMS UI. You can also manage Firebase storage - for images and files. In addition, as an admin, you can invite your team members to collaborate on the data realtime with granular role-based access controls. You can read all about how to invite team members with Firestore rules under our documentation

Rowy supports over 30 field types that are maps user fields to underlying field types of Firestore. 

  • Text - Short Text, Long Text, Email, Phone, URL.
  • Select - Single select, Multi-select
  • Numeric - Number, Toggle, Ratings, Percentage, Slider, and Color.
  • Date and Time
  • Uploads: Image, File
  • Rich Editors: JSON, Code, Rich Text (HTML)

Some other unique field types that Rowy provides are: 

  • Derivatives:  These are fields that derive their value from other fields in the row using Cloud Function.
  • Connector: Connect to different collections in the project and get data from them without using tools like Algolia or other search index. It can also be used for a list of static items or for querying data from third-party API
  • Action: These are the clickable buttons that trigger any Cloud Function that can either be in form of a script or a callable function.

Here’s the demo with live playground to explore various field types.

Step 3: That's it!

Stop building internal tools for managing Firestore data and for an admin panel for Firebase. With Rowy - a platform that is specifically made for Firebase, you get the best-optimized experience to manage your Firestore data with an instant admin panel for Firebase.

Get started with Rowy in minutes

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