Feedback Fin

A tiny feedback widget to collect feedback on any website. That's it.

Feedback Fin is fully free forever and open-source!

Why did we build Feedback Fin?

Getting product feedback from the users is at the core of building any product and highly valuable for product teams to decide what is working/not working in your product to which features you should be prioritized next and who your potential customers are.

A small non-intrusive widget is the best way to get quick feedback from your users and website visitors. But .. why are all website feedback widgets out there either

👀  dated-looking

💰 pricey, complex

🙄  or simply annoying

We really liked the design of paid tools like feedback fish and intercom but prices range anywhere from $20-$100 per month. Other ones like Hotjar (survey widget) are just blah-looking. Some tools even limit how many responses you can get!!

So we did what we as developers know best, built one inspired by paid feedback widgets, and created an open-source and FULLY free alternative. ✍️

How to use Feedback Fin?

You can get started by simply adding a few lines of code to your website or web application. Be it a webflow website or a React webapp, you can add the feedback widget in just a few steps. Follow full instructions here.

Since Feedback Fin is open source, you have the option to fully customize and do powerful things like passing in custom data as params, customize the UI to be any feedback widget you want from a rating widget to a context-based bug report collector, and do things like add screenshot, CAPTCHA and much more. You have full flexibility to build the website feedback widget of your dreams 😊

Give it a try - LIVE DEMO

Add your feedback on the widget here:

Then, see that feedback live on Rowy's collaborative spreadsheet-UI

Optionally, you can further extend this any way you want with Rowy's low-code platform. Automate on the incoming feedback (send to your team's internal slack, discord, email the user ..), the possibilities are truly endless :) 

Learn more on

Watch the full video below on how you can get started with Feedback Fin.


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