Release Notes v2.5

Clone-able templates, connector field and much more.

We worked hard on these exciting new features, love to hear what you think 🙏 Join us on Discord

👯‍♀️ Cloneable templates

Have you seen a table template that lets you clone not just the columns and rows but also the cloud functions bundled in? Checkout the Rowy Templates Gallery 

From Translations to Countries listing to using GPT-3 in low-code style. We have tons of pre-built templates or simply tweet at us in case you want to request anything else.

🔌 New field "connector"

Super-versatile field that lets you get data from anywhere (static, API, other data collection tables with full-text search) as options for your user.

One of those .. see it to believe it fields 😀 Explore it LIVE.

🧈 Automated onboarding

Get started in just 2 mins with an easy step by step guided process. Rowy unlocks complex infrastructure for you and makes them simple, accessible yet powerful.

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Go live in minutes. Not months.

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